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The Rain

There is something about rain. It is soothing. Therapists play relaxing sounds of rain during sessions. It calms the mind.  On my way to church,  a drizzle of rain hit my windshield.  The sky was dark and gloomy.  I noticed above the clouds the sun shining regardless of its surroundings.  Troubles in your life mimics the dark clouds and the sun represents the Son of God shining in your life (2 Samuel 23:4).  The Old Testament speaks of rain in the aspect that God gives and withholds rain, which is a sign of God’s favor or disfavor: Joel 2:23; Job 29:23; Jerm 3:3. Who tips the water-jars of Heaven (Job 38:37)?  Who gives the rain in it season (Jeremiah 5:24)? Who sends an abundance of rain when needed (Psalm 68:9)?  It’s not just the presence and absence of rain that’s important but the timing. God provides what you need at the right time:

Rain teaches us:

·       Wait for the Father to fight your battles, like you wait on rain during a draught (Job 29:23).

·       Rain comes from Heaven with a purpose--to sustain life.  Similiarly, trials come in your life to sustain you into heaven (Isaiah 55:10).

·       Rain showers blesses (Ezekiel 34:26). Likewise, you will receive blessings from your trial. 
Wait for the rain (Psalms 62:5).  Rain does three things:  it cleanes, refreshes, and grows.   Where are you in that process?


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