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Newly Published Book by Kitt Swanson

Troubles Don’t Last, You Do!
STILL STANDING! No obstacle Satan hurls your way will last. In every instance, you emerge victoriously. Life’s troubles are equal to speed bumps, you slow down just enough to drive over them, thump, thump, and then those bumps become a distant memory. The power residing in you helps you overcome adversity, resolve problems, and find peace. The only resolution to the never-ending problems of life is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Your relationship with him and the Father is sacred and eternal. Rest assured that at the end of all your trials, eternal bliss is waiting. With God as the benevolent guide: Troubles Don't Last, You Do!
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A must read when life seems hopeless and Satan's unshakable grip has you        a downward spiral. It's a biblical guide to peace and surviving life's hardships.

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Who Is This?

When your boss is unbearable, who is it that holds you close and never let you go? When illness comes on your family members, who is it that gives new mercy every morning and peace in every circumstance? Car accident, who wipe your tears from the pain?  Do you know? Who is this that answers your prayers? Who is this you couldn't repay even if you had the money? What makes you keep smiling?  Jesus. He is closer to you every minute of your life.  He's the one who rescued you from your brokenness, brought your wayward child home, healed your sickness, gave you money to pay a bill when you didn't know where you would get it, when you had no place to stay, when all turned their back on you.  He's the one that brought you peace when you found out about your unborn child.  Who is this? He is the one who is your source of everything when all hope is gone.  He is the one that opened the door for the job you have right now. He is the one that knocks at the door of your heart.  I…


Hope is a beautiful thing. It keeps you moving forward. It motivates you to take one more step. Without hope, life stops.  Everyday you walk among others at  school or work. You nod and smile; even say good morning not knowing that someone you just spoke to has lost hope. You can restore that hope back into the world by first filling yourself with hope from God's Word then passing it on. Remember those "pass it on" cards in the Christians Bookstores? I love those cards.  I was struggling with making a payment due to my own negligence. I allowed myself to get trapped into credit card debt. The more I tried to get myself out, the more discouraged I got. It got to the point that my hope start fizzling out.  There was this girl, who must have been watching me at work, walked by and handed me a "Pass It on" card.  The card read "Faith in God Includes Faith In His Timing."  She didn't say a word and kept walking. I looked at the card, then I was lookin…

Your Giants

Your bills maybe a problem you’re facing.  Shuffling them around to rob Peter to pay Paul won’t solve your problem. That's just one problem. Add Spouse, children and job to the mix and shuffling through them are like rocking in a rocking chair—gives you something to do but you get nowhere.  Dealing with them are difficult. Sharing your woes with others  only gets you their philosophy on life. What do you do with your giants? 
      There was a man overwhelm with the cross he had to bear.  He took his cross to the neighborhood preacher and told him that he couldn’t deal with all the giants coming at him.  The preacher asked the man would he like to try someone elses’ cross for a while. The man nodded wildly agreeing. “Anything is better than what I have to deal with!” he said eagerly.  The preacher took the man to a closet built under the church alter and told him to put his cross in it.  The man was happy to do it.  Then the preacher took him to another door and opened it wide.  To…

Walk in My Shoes

I've seen and had a lot of tragedy in my life. I would never want anyone to walk in my shoes. My shoes are wide and flat.  I've experienced lots of sadness in my shoes. I wished someone else could wear them but unfortunately, God gave me those shoes. His plan for me outweighed the pain I've endured. He had me in mind for my shoes. If you are feeling overwhelm with tight shoes, God gave you just what you could handle. Your shoes my seem squeezed and tight. They may seem shorter than you would have liked them but wearing anyone else's shoes would cause you much distress. Learn to trust God in where he has you. Trust me, you are much better than you were this time last year in your shoes.  Your shoes helped you to leap mountains of troubles you wouldn't otherwise be able to handle it.  Equally, Jesus shoes helped Him walked up Calvary's hill. The weight of the world were on His feet literally. Would you want to walk in His shoes? Today, someone around you may feel…

The Battle

Remember the younger, wilder you?Hanging out at the clubs, house parties, joyriding, drinking and the sorts, with one thing in mind, having fun and hanging out with the gang. The sensible side of you saw the dangers ahead, yet, you leaned towards your naughty side.That side that felt good. And, because it felt good and right, many suffered from curable diseases while others attended to a lifetime of child rearing.Doing what felt good was far more fun than doing what was right.You’ve been in a battle between good and evil for a long time, you just didn’t know you were in a battle.The battle is real!When you yell at others on the road, it’s a battle not to do it when the other person deserves it. However, an error of caution could save you an eternity of pain. How you treat others  and how you live your life will revisit you in eternity. "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, varia…

The Signs

Driving to the dealership for an oil change, I noticed streets signs posted.It's not like the street signs haven’t been there, it's that today I paid attention to the drive and noticed the signs, the sights long the way. It got me thinking. We obey rules on a daily basis. With no signs, there's chaos, confusion and lawlessness.Although there’s signs, we often times ignore them and other times we become complacent to them.  We even try to see how far we can go to get around them.  We move about our busy day with our minds filled with so many other things that we ignoring the streets signs that cause grief to the driver, hurt to others and grieve families.Adhering to the signs helps us avoid consequences.In the same way, many Christians suffer outcomes by disobeying God’s Word. God gives His Word to his people to avoid suffering and consequences.Look at below list and write down what would happen if not obeyed:
·Abstain from sexual immorality (1 Thes 4:3); pregnancy, disease …

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