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It’s those times when you do the wrong thing for the right reason you get caught. Those moments catch you off guard. It almost happened to me. While going out the door, a thought came to me to take my gun. I figured after the boys’ baseball game, I would go to the gun range.  Here’s the deal, the baseball game was on base. The base has a strict rule about bring artillery on its grounds.  To ensure everyone adheres to the rule, security police checks cars as a preventive measures. Thus far, my car hasn’t been checked—yet. Satan whispered in my ear to take my gun with me. Security police won’t pull me over. Besides, it would take me 45 minutes to go back home to pick it up after the game. If I bring it, I can save gas and time. Now, just because that sound good in my head doesn’t mean the scene would play out that way. I felt like I was being setup.

Someone else in the Bible was setup like this: Judas. What made him think betraying the Son of God was a good thing? It must have sound good in his head but when he did it, there was guilt, pain, anger and remorse. It led him in a downward spiral to kill himself. Another one for Satan. Don’t let Satan talk you into something you will spend a lifetime dealing with. If it’s too good to be true, then, it not good for you. Satan wants to sabotage your relationship with the Father—Don’t let him. Stop. Think. Next time you have a good idea in your head, filter it through God’s Word first to see if it’s biblically legal. Stay saved!


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Funny how life has a way of showing you what you’re made of.  When adversity hits, what you say you wouldn't do becomes easier to do.  When the rubber meets the road, yes! you do the unthinkable.  Let's say you have a house fire and on the second floor is your baby and mom. You can only save one, which would it be? I've heard many say they would grab the baby since mom has been around a long time. I couldn't say.  I'm not in that situation right now.  There's no way to know what to do until tragedy hits.  Some can handle atrocities, whereas; other have no clue how to maneuver suffering nor know why hardship occurs.  Stop trying to figure out why hardships happens--only the Father knows.  He won't have you guessing long. 

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Remember days of old, where family style dining was popular. Everyone gather around the table on those special occasions holding hands and giving thanks to God for the family.  That scene reminds me of the television show, “The Waltons.”  A family of ten jelled together through misfortune, love, and hope around the kitchen table. I never experienced family style dining until I had children of my own. I love it! At dinnertime, we share our emotions, our wants, and our faults. We become one during our meal.  
       What would family style dining would be like if we brought a little Heaven to our table.
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